Clubhouse Rental

To rent the clubhouse, review the agreement below and submit the Clubhouse Rental Agreement using the form below. For questions contact the HOA Board at To check availability, use the Arden Lake Calendar.

This policy outlines the conditions for rental of the clubhouse and the responsibilities of the renters. RENTERS as defined in this contract are those who are Arden Lake Homeowners Association members by virtue of having no outstanding dues or penalties or a lessor of property owned. For purposes of this contract only, “BOARD MEMBER” will include the Board approved individual handling the management of the clubhouse rental.

  1. The clubhouse is available for rental ONLY to homeowners or lessors of property (who are present during the entire rental period) as defined above on a first-come first-serve basis. The use of the clubhouse for Arden Lake Homeowner Community events, including the Arden Lake Swim Team, will have first priority.
    • The clubhouse may not be sub-rented to anyone or any organization outside of the subdivision.
    • RENTER must be age 21 or older.
  2. No PETS, except those defined as “working” are permitted in the clubhouse.
  3. The clubhouse rental may not be utilized for private gain or exclusive use of member unless prior approval from a Board Member.
  4. SMOKING is prohibited in the clubhouse.
  5. No glass bottles permitted in clubhouse or pool area.
  6. WET SUITS, wet bathing suits and wet towels are prohibited in the clubhouse.
  7. Alcoholic beverages are permitted with attendees over 21 only. NO alcoholic beverages if any attendee is under the age of 21.
  8. The clubhouse rental cost is $55 per 5 hours of use. There is also a $100 security deposit against the cost of any damaged or missing property at the clubhouse during the rental period. The rental fee and deposit are to be paid via check, payable to the Arden Lake Homeowners Association; no cash will be accepted. The $100 security deposit will be returned to the RENTER when it is deemed that no damage occurred and the clubhouse is cleaned by RENTOR.
    • Payment and security deposit must be received by the Board member prior to obtaining clubhouse keys.
  9. The RENTER will be held financially responsible for any damage incurred by his/her guests. Should such damage occur, the Board takes the responsibility to have said damage repaired or any damaged or missing items replaced for the RENTER at the most reasonable cost possible.
    • The RENTER agrees to pay the cost of such repairs or replacements that exceed the $100 deposit in full within 30 days of the work being completed.
    • Should the RENTER not pay for repairs or replacements within the 30 day period, the cost will be added to his dues obligation and subject eventually, if not paid, to a lien on his property.
  10. The RENTER will return the keys ASAP to the Board member who holds the deposit check by noon the following day. RENTER agrees to pay a $25 replacement fee for lost keys and $125 per door for replacement locks.
  11. The RENTER is responsible for the safety and behavior of his/her guests. RENTER must be present at the clubhouse for the duration of the rental period. This responsibility cannot be delegated to children or guests or any other adult except in emergencies.
  12. Maximum guest for the clubhouse is 40 persons.
  13. There is to be NO USE of open flames within the clubhouse.
  14. The RENTER is not responsible for breakdown of appliances due to normal wear and tear.
  15. The RENTER will have access to the utensils, cookware, and grills available at the clubhouse. The RENTER will be responsible for all cleanup of such items.
  16. A Board Member will inspect the clubhouse as soon as possible after the rental period and determine the refund of deposit.
  17. The RENTER will have exclusive use of the clubhouse during his/her scheduled time, however residents will still have access to the restrooms, pool, and deck area during swim season.
  18. In deference to our neighbors living nearby, the clubhouse may be utilized only until 11:00pm and then vacated. No overnight stay is allowed.
  19. The RENTER will clean the clubhouse to specifications outlined in the attached checklist.
  20. Clubhouse furniture may not be used on the patio.
  21. The RENTER holds harmless the Arden Lake Homeowners Association, its Board and the other residents of Arden Lake subdivision against any damage he/she or their guests may suffer or any injuries resulting from the behavior of the RENTER or his guests.

Clubhouse Rental Agreement

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  • By signing this form, I agree to abide by the Clubhouse Rental Agreement rules listed above.
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