HOA Board

Get involved in the HOA! Reach out to us at hoa@ardenlake.org.


Greg LaBrie

Vice Presidents

Joy Armstrong—Legal & Real Estate
LaKeda Bivins—Common Grounds & Architectural Control


Erich McInnis—Finance & Insurance

Secretary, VP

Chris Stapleton—Secretary, Technology & Security

Standing Committee Members

Architectural Control Contact—LaKeda Bivins
Clubhouse Rental—Erich McInnis
Men’s ALTA Committee—Wes Barclay
Women’s ALTA Committee—D’ Anna Liber
Pool Committee—David Markey (770-337-9271)
Social & Welcoming Committee—Rosie Stephens, Traci Edwards
Swim Team—Open
Yard of the Quarter—Heath and Julie Nuckolls (819 Deep Lake Drive)