2017 August

  • Q2 Survey Results

    Please see results from the Q2 Survey sent to the neighborhood.

    May Q2 Survey Results

  • Arden Lake Financials

    I have created a new page on our website where I plan to post the financials quarterly.  You can’t see this information unless you are logged into the website. Once you are you will see a “Financials” link next to the “Contact” link. As of right now I have posted the 2015 and 2016 end of the year statements for both our Chase and CapOne 360 accounts, the most recent 2 months of our Chase account and a 2nd quarter Financial Statement. If anyone has reason to believe this jeopardizes their private information please let me know.

    Just a recap of what is what, Chase is where the neighborhood does all of its day to day banking and CapOne 360 is where our reserve funds stay. I’m going to try posting these every quarter so everyone can see where we are at financially. If anyone has any concerns about this please let the board know. Most questions can be answered by looking at the Operating Statement, but if there are any additional questions the board will answer those questions at our bi-annual meeting. If there is an emergency question please feel free to call my cell phone. It is listed below.


    Wes Barclay

    Arden Lake Treasurer